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Ten years of Lapel Pins and Campaign Buttons

Pins24.comâ„¢ is Pinpops®

We are Pinpops®, the company behind the™ service. We have worked with metal lapel pins and pinback buttons for over ten years. We founded our company in 2013, and from the beginning, lapel pins and campaign buttons have been an essential part of our product range.

Printed products for events and promotion

Every year, we invest in our equipment, which enables us to print on various materials. We print on metal, plastic, wood, and textile products, and sometimes on paper. We specialize in printed products that differ from the range of ordinary printing houses.

We print metal pins in our production for express delivery. We use our fantastic, top-of-the-line network of suppliers and contractors when we need customized, made-to-order metal shapes.

Speed is our strength. We are the fastest and most economical supplier when you are looking for pins or campaign buttons.

Focus in commercial customers

Our company primarily services the Public Sector, Governments, and Commercial Customers. While we provide our products to private and small business customers, our production and logistics are best suited for large orders, including more complicated order distribution and fulfillment.

Fantastic customer service

Pinpops Shop & Showroom provides low-threshold access to our products. In our Showroom, you can view and touch our products to help you make decisions and collect the best advice for your plans on-site.

Our sales exhibition covers more than 5000 sq ft and showcases a massive display of different printed products made to order.

A solid expertise in event promotion

In addition to pins, we manufacture and import many other products. We specialize in manufacturing, importing, and printing event promotion and identification products. We are a printing house with a big heart and vast expertise.

In addition to the™ website, you can view part of our product selection on our company's website at

We have another specialist website for customer service-facing identification products at You can find name badges and name tags used in customer service on the website.

We also print a limited selection of garments for events and promotional use.

Some of our clients and customers™ is honored to serve some of the finest companies in the world, from recognizable worldwide brands, to reputable local companies.

Taco Bell
Amnesty International
The Lego Foundation
Burger King