Die-cast Metal Pins

Die-casting pins in 3D creates third dimension and cut-throughs

Die cast lapel pins
Die cast lapel pins
Die cast lapel pins
Die cast lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D lapel pins
Die cast 3D metal coin, award emblem
Pins in the third dimension

The die-casting metal pin offers the opportunity to create exceptional details and dimensions that are not available in an ordinary pin. The easiest way to distinguish a 3D pin made by casting is from several different depths and levels and the curved edges created in the pin only by casting.

Molded 3D pins can be made in almost any shape, and there is no limit to the size. There are also many different finishes and coatings available for the pin surface.

Uniform quality from various metals

The pin is created by casting, for example, tin or zinc. Rubber molds are common in which molten metal is poured from the opening into the mold while the mold rotates by centrifugal force. In this way, a uniform and evenly filling mold is created, and the pins have an identical surface.

Finishing of die-cast pins

After casting, the pins can be sandblasted, polished, minor possible surface defects corrected, and, for example, coated with silver or various surface treatments can be added to achieve the desired effect. If enamel is part of the pin's design, it's added at this point. Finally, the selected attachment is attached to the pin, and the finished 3D die-cast lapel pins are inspected and packed in individual packages. The three-dimensional cast pin is now ready to travel to you!

We can make the pins of your dreams come true. Contact us, and we will guide you in choosing a suitable manufacturing method. You can also email us your subject or design, and we will make an offer to make the pins.

Die Cast 3D Lapel Pins - Price List

The price list is only indicative and subject to final shape and finish. The smallest manufacturing quantity is always 100 pcs.

Pins diameter 100 pcs 200 pcs 300+ pcs
0.5" inch $1.71 $1.41
0.75" inch $1.83 $1.53
1" inch $1.90 $1.55
1.25" inch $1.99 $1.60

Standard production time is approximately three weeks from the approval of digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Butterfly clutch
Standard lapel pin attachment
Rubber butterfly clutch
Different color options
Individually packaged
Clear PP bag
Packaging with printed card
Custom-printed card for pins
Acrylic jewellery case
Clear cover with black base
from $0.39
Metal plating (optional)
For gold or silver metal part
from $0.31
Set-up Charges
Die cast mold charge
For three dimensional shapes
$90.00 - $150.00
Screen printing set-up charge
If printed details are required
Pad printing set-up charge
For pad printed details
Laser engraving charge
For laser engraved details
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