Custom Flag Pins

Custom Metal Lapel Pins with Flag Designs

Printed epoxy doming pins
Hard enamel lapel pins with two flags
Hard enamel lapel pins with two flags
Hard enamel lapel pins with two flags
Printed epoxy doming pins
Enamel painted lapel pins
Enamel painted lapel pins
Flag lapel pins from metal

Flag lapel pins are a popular product to use as a gift or celebrate an occasion. From us, you can get flag pins for different countries directly from our online store as a ready-to-ship product, or you can order the flag pins with custom implementation as a combination of one or more flags.

If you can't find a suitable flag lapel pin directly from our online store, you can easily order ticket pins with the ticket or combination of flags of your choice. If you do not want to implement the ticket material yourself, we can do it for you.

Different versions of flag pins

The properties of flag pins can be roughly divided into two different groups: enameled flag pins and lens pins with flags. In both, flags can be implemented as a combination of one or more countries. Especially with printed doming pins implemented with a lens, stylization in which two different flags "merge" into each other is preferred in combinations of several flags.

Order of the flags in a multi-flag pin

Orthodox flag pins have the host country's flag on the left and the flag of the guest on the right. It's recommended that you follow this order whenever you implement flag pins with multiple flags. If the flags are above and below, the host country is the upper flag, and the guest is the lower flag.

Finishing of flag pins

Finished flag pins can be delivered individually packed in bags or gift boxes. You can also order gift boxes separately and attach the pins to the boxes yourself. You can find ready-made pin boxes directly in our online store.

If flag pins go as a gift, you may also want to consider cufflinks or tie pins made from flags.

Custom Flag Lapel Pins - Price List

The price list is only indicative and subject to final shape and finish. The smallest manufacturing quantity is always 100 pcs.

Lapel Pin size 100 pcs 200 pcs 300+ pcs
7/8" inch
Single flag
$1.71 $1.06
1" inch
Twin flag
$1.83 $1.14

Standard production time is approximately three weeks from the approval of digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Butterfly clutch
Standard lapel pin attachment
Rubber butterfly clutch
Different color options
Individually packaged
Clear PP bag
Packaging with printed card
Custom-printed card for pins
Acrylic jewellery case
Clear cover with black base
from $0.39
Set-up Charges
Die struck mold charge
Most common method of manufacturing
$65.00 - $90.00
Die cast mold charge
For three dimensional shapes
$65.00 - $90.00
Screen printing set-up charge
If printed details are required
Mold charge for existing design
See the list of existing flag designs
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