Genuine Cloisonné pins

Traditional manufacturing meets modern design in Cloisonné

Genuine Cloisonné Lapel Pins
Genuine Cloisonné Lapel Pins
Genuine Cloisonné Jewellery
Genuine Cloisonné Lapel Pins
Genuine historic Cloisonné pins

Cloisonné, or genuine hard-enameling, is the most traditional and oldest way of making decorative jewelry and ornaments. Genuine hard-enameling is an ancient method of metalworking that was developed centuries ago in China during the Ming Dynasty. Indeed, the best-known objects of that era are Ming vases, most often made by hard-enamel. With genuine Cloisonne hard-enameling, the colors remain unchanged for decades.

Genuine hard-enameling, or Cloisonne, is the most valuable and valued of the various methods of lapel pin manufacturing, genuine hard-enamel pins are "high-end" pins. High quality is also reflected in the price of an actual Cloisonné lapel pin, as it is a very laborious and multi-step process. Hard-enameled lapel pins are made only by the most experienced pin manufacturers, and the result is invariably sophisticated and valuable.

Also, most pin manufacturers in China have stopped manufacturing Cloisonne pins because of their low demand and expensive raw materials. You can still order high-quality, valuable, and carefully finished genuine hard-painted pins with your own design from us.

From plan to implementation

Without exception, the customer is carefully guided from start to finish in producing genuine hard-enamel or Cloisonné pins, as there is no room for error. We help you plan from the finished product, guide you in choosing colors and materials, and take care of the quality control of finished pins, gift jewelry, cufflinks, and business gift jewelry made with genuine hard enamel.

Mineral ore produced in Japan and England is used for hard enameling paints, and it is crushed into a powder before application. The powder is mixed with distilled water, and the resulting color paste is used to fill the cavities in the pins or jewelry to the desired color. Because it is a natural mineral, it is not possible to implement exact color. Instead, colors are determined by the shades of minerals available, which can mean trade-offs, especially in products made from a company logo.

The pins are cured at a temperature of about 800 degrees, whereupon the color paste melts. If more colors are desired for the pins or Cloisonné hard-enamel products, the metal must be baked separately between each color so that the colors don't mix. Once the product has cooled, its metal parts can still be coated, and the product is finally polished.

Cloisonné Pins Finishing

For the lapel pins to be as expected, digital proof is always made of the design before manufacturing. After production, the pins are inspected for quality and checked against the digital proof. Therefore, it is essential to check the electronic proof carefully because once you accept the digital proof, you agree that the pins will be completed accordingly.

We can make the pins of your dreams come true. Contact us, and we will guide you in choosing a suitable manufacturing method. You can also email us your subject or design, and we will make an offer to make the pins.

Cloisonné Lapel Pins - Price List

The price list is only indicative and subject to final shape and finish. The smallest manufacturing quantity is always 100 pcs.

Pins diameter 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs 400+ pcs
0.5" inch The pricing is based on the design, please send us your logo

0.75" inch
1" inch
1.25" inch

Standard production time is approximately three weeks from the approval of digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Butterfly clutch
Standard lapel pin attachment
Rubber butterfly clutch
Different color options
Individually packaged
Clear PP bag
Packaging with printed card
Custom-printed card for pins
Acrylic jewellery case
Clear cover with black base
from $0.39
Set-up Charges
Die struck mold charge
Most common method of manufacturing
$65.00 - $90.00
Die cast mold charge
For three dimensional shapes
$90.00 - $150.00
Screen printing set-up charge
If printed details are required
Laser engraving charge
For laser engraved details
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