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Our lapel pins are made in a tightly audited factory

Audited manufacturing

Most of the pins we supply are manufactured by one production contractor in Dongguan, China. The state-of-the-art factory manufactures pins with decades of experience, high quality, and standardization.

Our factory has been audited by well-established names, such as Disney®, McDonald's®, Walmart®, and Sedex®. The production has more than 2,000 employees, and the materials have been tested in accordance with CPSIA and RoHS requirements. The plant meets Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements.

Pinpops®, the company behind Pins24, visits the factory annually. Long-term development and production monitoring help us to take care of the high quality of our customers' orders and, on the other hand, enable us to monitor the production environment. The factory receives visitors daily throughout the year as it is one of the most prominent players in the industry in China.

Is pin manufacturing a myth in western countries?

Not at all! Although most of our pins are made in China, we also have a selection of pins made in Europe, Finland, to be precise. Finnish pins are based on metal components manufactured by our above-mentioned subcontractor.

We print the images of the pins in Finland, add a clear polyurethane doming lens if required, and pack the products with domestic staff.

So you can also get Finnish pins from us, full of color and very high quality made in Helsinki.

Why aren't all pins made in Europe?

Lapel pin customers have expectations regarding the costs involved. If a metallic, completely molded lapel pin were made with an expected cost of mere cents, with only a few hundred pieces, it would be completely impossible to make such a product. Creating a pin mold in Europe already costs upwards of thousands - that is, for a single design. In addition, there are many work steps where a single lapel pin unit price would keep rising.

Due to the cost, it is impossible to make a pin from scratch at a price that an average customer would be willing to pay for each pin.

It would be great to offer entirely domestic pins with metal processing also done by domestic forces. It is not realistic if the cost of a pin is allowed to be as low as it is expected. The second best thing is to control and monitor the production process and ethics of pins and know where the pins are made.

Lapel pin manufacturing process

This is how a metal lapel pin is made

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Creating a mold

Custom-made mold is created following a positive mock of the design, while the tool creates a negative for casting or stamping purposes.

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Die-struck method

The metal sheet is struck with a hydraulic press against the mold to create and cut out the desired design

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Enameling and printing

After the metal body is completed, an enamel infill is applied, here using a fully-automated enamel filling machinery

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Metal galvanizing

The pins are lowered on a purpose-built rack into a galvanizing "bath", where electric conductivity creates, for example, a gold finish

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Polishing and finishing

After a short bath, the pins are removed from the rack, sharp edges are ground, and the pins are polished for a final result

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Quality control & packaging

The finished pins go through quality control and individual packaging as the last step. That ensures you receive only top-quality lapel pins.

Some of our clients and customers™ is honored to serve some of the finest companies in the world, from recognizable worldwide brands, to reputable local companies.

Taco Bell
Amnesty International
The Lego Foundation
Burger King