Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory

Lapel pins produced by a certified manufacturer

Audited manufacturing

Nearly all of our lapel pins come from a dedicated producer in Dongguan, China. This modern factory, backed by decades of experience, produces pins of superior quality and consistency.

Major corporations such as Disney®, McDonald's®, Walmart®, and Sedex® have conducted thorough audits of our factory, affirming its adherence to high standards. The production team there exceeds 2,000 skilled employees, and the materials used meet the stringent testing criteria of CPSIA and RoHS. Additionally, the factory's operations align with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines.

Pinpops®, creator of Pins24™, makes yearly visits to the factory to ensure ongoing high-quality production and to inspect the working conditions firsthand. Owing to its significant standing in the Chinese market, the factory welcomes visitors daily, showcasing its industry prominence. These regular visits and checks are part of our commitment to maintaining the exceptional quality of our products and to upholding responsible manufacturing practices.

Are there manufacturers in the West that produce lapel pins?

Most of our pins are manufactured in China. However, we offer a range of lapel pins that are crafted in Finland, within Europe.

These Finnish pins feature metal parts produced by the factory we referred to earlier.

In Finland, we print the designs onto the pins and, if needed, apply a clear polyurethane dome to enhance durability and aesthetics. We also package these products locally.

Thus, we provide a selection of vibrant, high-quality Finnish-made pins, all produced in Europe.

Why aren't all pins made in Europe?

Customers looking to purchase custom-designed metallic lapel pins must be aware that producing them at a cost of under one euro each is not feasible, particularly for orders of just a few hundred pins. The creation of a single mold for these pins in Europe can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, the manufacturing process involves multiple stages, each adding to the final cost of each pin.

Manufacturing a pin entirely from scratch is too expensive to match the average customer's budget for an individual lapel pin.

Ideally, we'd prefer to produce pins entirely within our own country, including the metal processing, but this approach isn't feasible when we need to keep the cost per pin low. Instead, our more practical solution is to oversee and ensure ethical production practices while being transparent about the pin's origin.

Lapel pin manufacturing process

This is how a metal lapel pin is made

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Creating a mold

Custom-made mold is created following a positive mock of the design, while the tool creates a negative for casting or stamping purposes.

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Die-struck method

The metal sheet is struck with a hydraulic press against the mold to create and cut out the desired design

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Enameling and printing

After the metal body is completed, an enamel infill is applied, here using a fully-automated enamel filling machinery

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Metal galvanizing

The pins are lowered on a purpose-built rack into a galvanizing "bath", where electric conductivity creates, for example, a gold finish

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Polishing and finishing

After a short bath, the pins are removed from the rack, sharp edges are ground, and the pins are polished for a final result

Manufacturing lapel pins in an audited factory
Quality control & packaging

The finished pins go through quality control and individual packaging as the last step. That ensures you receive only top-quality lapel pins.

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