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Pinback Button artwork instructions

General artwork instructions

Use the dropdown menu above to open and download the artwork instructions PDF. It would be best to primarily supply the graphics following the guidelines set by the artwork instructions. Please refer to the correct artwork instruction file for artwork size, color profile, and file format information.

When designing pinback button prints, you should avoid lines that conform to the shape of the edge. During the production phase, the prints on the badges often move up to a tenth of an inch, or two millimeters, and this is really evident if you make a shape that follows the edge. Well-designed button graphics usually include cartoon-like colorful graphics, clear, strong contrasts, and large text elements.

Supply your artwork for custom-printed pinback buttons primarily in CMYK color. ICC profile is irrelevant unless the order is printed using offset printing. Do not add color calibration bars ("Printer's marks"), cut marks, or any other content in the artwork that you do not wish to get printed.

Every custom-printed button order is digitally proofed before the production process begins. Approval of digital proof is a requirement for an order to proceed.

You can include multiple artworks into a single order for no extra charge, provided the order quantity of each design is a minimum of 100 buttons. If the quantity breaks are smaller than 100 per design, we charge a surcharge for each additional design.

If variable data is required for the pinback buttons, supply that data as an Excel file. Each row represents a single data entry so that you can include an unlimited amount of data per button. Suppose you wish to order pinback buttons for identification purposes. In that case, you have to order our giant namebadge buttons, and their printing process is a bit different from the standard button badge manufacturing.

PDF, EPS, TIFF, AI, or PSD file format is the primary file format for custom printed pinback buttons. If you cannot provide any of these file types, send us what you got, and we will confirm if it's possible to proceed with your existing graphic.

Our primary file format for custom printed pinback buttons is a PDF file in the CMYK color profile. If you cannot convert photographs into CMYK, you can also send us an RGB file. However, we do not take any responsibility for the result of the order if the artwork is not supplied in our primary file format. Every order is digitally proofed before the production process begins.

Pinback buttons and campaign buttons are printed in CMYK color using digital or offset printing methods. Pantone® matching is not available for orders smaller than 25,000 pcs.

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